Measures of Closeness, 2020

Zoom safe-distance performative encounter

How do we keep in touch in a contactless space, in an age of hyper-connectivity? Can we survive but without touch, without skin? And what are the new measures of closeness?

Created in April, 2020, soon after the Covid-19 pandemic began, artists Ofri Cnaani (London/Tel Aviv), Stella Geppert (Berlin) and Evann Siebens (Vancouver) began collaborating over zoom to create long-distance performative sessions that emerged from ongoing research about gesture, space and technology. The performances blurred the lines between participants and audiences members to provoke contemplation as to how we experience our bodies in relation to contact and confinement, and how we think through the mediation of an online space and its formation of political, poetic, spatial and corporeal narratives.

On-line performance documentation still in progress...


A4 ARTS FOUNDATION, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2020

MARIE-LAURE FLEISCH , Paris, France, 2020

VIRAL FESTIVAL, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2020

BURG, Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle, Berlin, Germany, 2020