Quad/Wrangle, 2012

Video & Isadora real time software

A duet between the cinematographer and dancer, quad/wrangle is a grid of moving images. Referencing the classic quad of photo-booth images, the shot images are projected in the gallery space with real-time media manipulation software Isadora. Yet the intentions and focus of the camera-person and the fact that the recording device is moving and engaged, moves it beyond a static photo-booth. A detail of a hand moving, the feet, torso or face, creates a private space within a very public sphere. Part performance, part burlesque, the result is a physical conversation between camera, dancer and the media wrangled onto the screen.

Music: Nobukazu Takemura

New Media Design: Sammy Chien (Chimerik)

Platform Design & Build: Keith H Doyle

With thanks to Paul Wong, Erika Lapada-Janzen + Matt Troy

5:15 minutes long


Curated by Paul Wong
Vancouver, Canada
July 2012